133_James Frolow: Elevare Apartments

James Frolow

About: I currently finished my Bachelor of Architecture and will pursue my Masters degree next year. Studying at the University of Adelaide.I was born in Adelaide, SA and have lived here all my life. I am currently 21 years old.


Elevare Apartments on Pulteney St aims to seduce the public with generous openings to the ground level markets. It incorporates roof terraces inspired by Japanese architecture as relief space for the users. The design was adapted to follow the suns orientation to maximise daylight access throughout the structure. The market space below features a cafe with outdoor seating with a spacious atmosphere. This atmosphere is created though the materiality of the glass which allows sun to richoche down to the ground. The ground slopes as you approach the site where it meets steps that descend into the open courtyard. This creates an usual experience allowing users to distinguish market from street.