223_James Frolow: Bordeaux Villa: Un Studio Prive

James Frolow

Project Title: 

Bordeaux Villa: Un Studio Prive

Design Intent:

The existing Bordeaux Villa by Rem Koolhaas was designed for a disabled man with wife and 2 children. The client’s brief was: “I do not want a simple house. I want a complex house, because the house will define my world...”

The new brief: Design an extension proposal as a natural development of the tectonic culture of the building...”

As the existing building oscillates between the private and the unprivate, Un Studio Privé aims to take this further and create a super private/detached studio space. It plays with open and closed spaces as well as compressed and exploded. Where previously, a room elevated between levels for access, Un Studio Privé incorporates a horizontal room elevator of glass which bridges the gap to the existing house. This mechanism adds movement to the static space allowing a crossover of program. The extension’s open plan allows for fluid movement and consists of a working space, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom.