49_James Frolow: Pontem Morari

James Frolow

About: I currently finished my Bachelor of Architecture and will pursue my Masters degree next year. Studying at the University of Adelaide.I was born in Adelaide, SA and have lived here all my life. I am currently 21 years old. I have attached my project 'Pontem Morari' which was a pedestrian bridge project proposed for Port Adelaide.

Design Statement:

‘Pontem Morari’, which translates to ‘Linger Bridge’, is a multi-purpose bridge spanning the port river to physically connecting a tram line from Port Adelaide to Largs Bay. Much like the Birkenhead Bridge, the design opens to allow for passing ships. The upper platform, finished with repurposed timber, accommodates a single tram line as well as bike and pedestrian usage. The tree corridor spanning this platform correlates with the trees down Commercial Rd to direct pedestrians toward the bridge. Amphitheatre type stairs connect the upper platform with the lower deck, disregarding common bridge precedents to create an architectural space. Inspired by the Tabiat Bridge in Iran, the lower deck functions solely for pedestrians with the bike loop bleeding into the open space. This space invites people to the water with unprecedented and uninterrupted views of the port. On this level, pedestrians have access to a cafe which encourages users to ‘linger’. The ‘connecting’ strategy considers existing fluctuations ensuring fluid movement of pedestrians across the site. Furthermore, this design focuses on issues of water catchment and reuse, making the design a self-sufficient one.