349 / Jonathan Ben David: Terra Nullius

Jonathan Ben David from Tel Aviv, Israel; “Architect and Photographer based in Tel Aviv, Israel.”

Website: http://www.jonathanbendavid.com

University: Technion

Professor(s): Prof. Shmaya Tzarfati, Prof. Yonatan Natanian

Instagram Username: @jonnybendavid

Name of Project: Terra Nullius

Project Description: Terra Nullius is situated at the southern coast of the city of Jaffa, once a busy Arab metropolis, and today a poverty stricken neighborhood on the outskirts of Tel Aviv, Israel, undergoing dramatic gentrification. The projects aims to trace the traditional violence stirring identities of the middle east, and replace them with alternative frame of reference in which individuals can gather upon, no matter of nationality or religious belief. All within the boundaries of a brand new ex-territorial state, which produces art, education, ideas and discussion, while exporting all of it worldwide through a media center. A home for those who seek to create a solid platform for peace, ingenuity, creativity, and brotherhood.