143_Jonathan Garcia Leon: EXPOccs 2025 The Nepal Pavilion

Jonathan Garcia Leon

I'm Jonathan García León from Caracas and I am currently in the last semester of Architecture at the Universidad Central de Venezuela. I also practice rugby at the same university when I find some free time, which lately is becoming more and more tight, but when it happen I can feel less pressure later to continue working on the project. When I was young I studied music and now I can play a lot of instruments but I think my favorite are the drums, which I don't have one actually but someday I will. In my last projects I try to apply some musical theories and terms that are common in both architecture and music, because that is the way I think when I start to develop my ideas and also I think is a way to represent space and time working together in the conception of an architectural idea and its design process.


EXPOccs 2025: The Nepal Pavilion

Nepal "the country of the stairs" is almost entirely built on the steep slopes of the Himalayas. The staircase then emerges as the most important architectural element to be used. It is then proposed to take advantage of the topography of the site, to resemble the ascending routes made by the nepales daily, because for them "every effort is worthy".

It is a proposal that seeks to transcend beyond the end of the expoCCS 2025, and that its permanence as a new urban piece consists of solving problems of the sector. In this case, taking advantage of natural possibilities for its implementation, the pavilion would act as Natural Amphitheater as a new entrance to the "Topo Las Piñas" Park, located on a slope of Vista Alegre, Caracas. This park is currently isolated from the urban dynamic, preventing proper use of public space and his potencial conexions; For this reason a new landscape is created, understood as an active surface that generates new relations between the city and its natural environment, achieving new interactions among its inhabitants, encouraging tolerance towards the nature.