242_Jorge Sánchez Bajo: Catalog of Aesthetic Ruins

Jorge Sánchez Bajo

Spanish architect and designer interested in the process of current political, cultural and economic changes that are producing a new paradigm in the identity of people and architecture, both in urbanism and domestic scale.


University Polythecnic San Pablo CEU Madrid (Spain) Tutor: Izaskun Chinchilla Driade is a furniture design Brand that develops its activities in the city of Milan (Italy), capital of design. 
This project revolved about these two names, Driade and Milán, outlined in two reflections that organise the project: the advertising architecture and the architectural character with the place. 

First of all, it can be noticed the current lack of relationship between Driade and the city of Milan due to the absence of joint movement, because they do not combine their personalities. To achieve the opposite situation, I propose a serie of interventions and facilities around the city that interact with the time and the place coexisting inside the city, that adapt to the city. 
The place chosen for it are empty spaces established in the urban fabric but fallen into disuse.   
The time chosen for it is set by the official dates of Salone del Mobile and Fuorisalone, the worldwide phenomenon focused in design and furniture which has become a necessary appointment in Milan. During this week, the city is full of events, parties and exhibitions where the brands interact with neighbourhoods, tourist and residents.  

These interventions will operate as multifunctional and variable spaces (POP-UP) during the year, where their activities and users will be changing according to the events and their needs. 
Regarding to how the interventions are going to be, they are going to be based in the previous concepts.  

On the one hand, we took the no-philosophy philosophy of Driade, where there is not a unique style and where a lot of different artists, designers and architects’ designs meet.

Also, the aesthetic influence of the Milan´s architecture that dress up inside the city, the past as much as the current one. 

All of that leads to the design of an architectural system that allows us to intervene in several places with different characteristics through a metallic adaptable structure and a possibility of space modulations by the same structure. It will enable the variation of the activities that take place in them, choosing reversible systems for all the junctions and it will hide from the city through a catalogue of facades and floors that converse aggressively with the environment with a no-default style. 
This project aims to make Driade markets Milanese architecture in order to achieve stages for the real users of these spaces, furniture.