212_Jose Coba: Nantou Waste Managment Project

Jose Coba


I am a young architect from Ecuador. Studied in USFQ (Ecuador) and Syracuse University (USA). The project is part of a Visitor Critic studio with Yang Meng (Principal of Urbanus) and Yun Ying (Principal at PAO) with the help of Fei Wang (Director MS program Syracuse)

With Collaboration of Ethan Lee.

Nantou Waste Managment Project

(Shenzhen - China)

The proposal is motivated by the need of new and efficient infrastructure related with waste production inside traditional neighborhoods in China. By learning from their culture, needs, and consumption, the intervention tries to solve waste generation by creating urban and material solutions in order to created integrated and efficient communities. 

By a meticulous research inside Nantou (the most traditional Urban village in Shenzhen) specific information related to waste composition by buildings type, intensitive maps of every alley or road to locate hotspots of waste accumulation and an inventory of abandoned infrastructure as big scale waste objects was produced in order to intervene in small and large scale.

The first step after the research was to introduce small tools in every building in need that solve immediate problems related with trash and garbage. 6 tools have being developed in order to create storage spaces, compost facilities or pipes recollection systems. On the other hand, a proposal for tricycle recollection routes and data analysis of each building based on QR codes can provide waste pickers and municipal recollection companies with enough information to develop and perform better.

The second step is to tackle the waste issue not only with interventions but with culture and education. The creation of a "streets factories" inside abandoned infrastructure help us to channel the recycled input to manufacture facilities in order to create a plastic-based fabric to be used in the facades of the buildings as a shading system but to also work as educational centers where the residents and visitors can go and learn about recycling and how to be more efficient as a community.