239_Jose Andres Coba Rodriguez: Are We There, There

Jose Andres Coba Rodriguez

University: Syracuse University - Syracuse, New York

Country: Ecuador

Master in Science of Architecture

Project: Are We There, There - Italy

The project is part of the class Codes and Continuities (Nicole McItosh - Architecture Office)

Codes and Continuities as ways of creating and thinking about architecture. From the recollection of images and features of cultures to the exploration of collages alternatives, architecture can be seen as interpretations and abstractions of what is already there, there. 

Taking Italy as a background culture to be studied and used, functional and ornamental elements of its architecture and urban fabric are synthesized inside design attempts remembering the Venice Ca d´Oro (one of the most sublime examples of Italian overloaded iconic architecture) without first studying its proportions, materiality and impact. 

The idea of the project is to go through Italian architecture analyzing specificities, details and cliches until we reach a new and dynamic hybrid proposal where you can see contemporary and old Italy in one single glance. Been as sarcastic, accurate and propositional as possible.