142_Jun Sho: The Library of Jail

 Sho Kai Jun @ Jun Sho

Currently, a Part 1 architecture student who is studying in TARUC, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dream to be a well-known architect in the world.


Special library: The Library of Jail


This idea is inspired by the Pudu Jail which is located near to the site and now it was destroyed a few years ago. The initial idea is to provide a jail and trap visitors inside and feed them with knowledge. The design intent of this project is to create a library to celebrate the jail and provide the reference books which are related to the jail, for example, the jail architecture, criminal phycology and criminal law to the visitors. Visitors could have a chance to study in this kind of jail environment which emphasise the feeling of darkness and stillness. The natural sunlight is playing a very important role in this library to delight some certain space, for example, the corridor, the atrium and the gallery.