118_Koh Jhee Son: Affordable Housing Incorporating Farming and Market for Social Symbiosis

Koh Jhee Son

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia Instagram: @jhee_son

Affordable Housing Incorporating Farming and Market for Social Symbiosis

Description of project

The design project aims to introduce social role of affordable housing in urban context as a strategy to seek understanding and interest among government and developers. The origin of the issue is the weak quality provision of affordable housing in the urban development. In order to improve the quality of housing for the poorer community, the provider of the housing (government and developers) need to see the benefit of investing concerning social and economic purpose. One way of improving the market interest of affordable housing development is through using the approach of incorporating sustainable community farming and market activities. Hence, this project examine on the strategy of inserting social role to support social function and social engagement in an affordable housing project in Malaysia as incentives to improve general quality of living of the housing residents. In a bigger picture, the policy of Malaysia of enforcing every residential development to provide 30% of affordable housing can become a new opportunity to introduce the new proposed typology of affordable housing. In the future, affordable housing in Malaysia will become an impactful and needed existence for the urban cities.