18_Andrea Bulloni, Matteo Ciabattini, Alice Gardella, Paolo Grotteschi: Landcraft Academy

Andrea Bulloni, Matteo Ciabattini, Alice Gardella, Paolo Grotteschi

From: Politecnico di Milano Site: Marzabotto (BO) Competition: Greenacademy competition Program: Everything

"We are nowadays facing a new way of living, we are surrounded and iper-stimulated by thousand of images and stuff, and their “life” is getting everyday shorter. We need more than what we have, so we have to start thinking about how to change what we don’t need anymore. Our project can’t focus only on the architectural needs of buildings, but moreover onto the changing that our project can put in place. To underline our design ethos we decide to propose a strategy, the aim of this strategy is to create a landmark that will be able to adapt itself to the contemporary life.

The first step reflect the required programs, the activation of the paper factory while maintaining the existing connection, and border. In the second step we are adding new functions, the public space become flexible and the direct connection from the station to the project area starts to bound the new functions with the urban context.

The final step is the integration of the train station inside the building, the connection with the park and adding informal ways to live, work and learn will make the Marzabotto Paper factory highly flexible, connected and able to answer to the ambitious request. The ground floor is highly flexible and fluid, the in-between space have a double function, is of course the public space but at the same time is also the outside part of the museum, using the pavilions as example to how to build with sustainable materials. Restoring the missing link with the green areas around and the paper factory is one of the most important thing, a sustainability museum needs to be connected with the park."

WATER ROOF Collecting the water to re-use it for the green roof, the green on the public space and for the toilets.

LIGHT ROOF The smart roof can be a landmark also in the night, using the solar panel energy we can illuminate the whole area.

ENERGY ROOF Covering partially the rooftop with solar panels we can collect the energy that we need to activate the activity on the public space

GREEN ROOF Make it green, the smart roof is flexible, we imagine that as a surface were you can also plant grass to reduce the eating or to make lab tests.

https://issuu.com/andrea.bulloni/docs/portfolio_2015_andrea_bulloni https://issuu.com/andrea.bulloni/docs/cv_2016