331_Malak Ali: As Productive As It Gets

Malak Ali from Baghdad, Iraq: “Malak Husain from Iraq born on December 30, 1995 born and raised in Abu Dhabi, UAE. I am a highly motivated graduate always seeking to learn more and discover new strategies on how to be a better architect and design with passion. Always focusing on pushing myself to the limits. I love to learn new languages and travel the world, exploring new places, architecture, people, traditions, and environment. I continuously experiment with new technologies that can improve my design and give back to the people.”

University: Abu Dhabi University

Professor(s): Dr. Basem Eid M.

Instagram Username: @malakiii2

Name of Project: As Productive As It Gets

Project Description: The project aims towards a self-sufficient community coming from a new approach to urban agriculture and housing which seeks to shift the idea of the isolation between them and unite them. The main targets will be the community and the public. Creating forms and placing functions in a sustainable way to encourage the users to expand their knowledge and skills in farming using latest technologies in order to overcome the problem in the decrease of local food production and control of wasted water.

Placing facilities that support the community will make the building act independently relying only on the surrounding environment. Growing vertically rather than the traditional horizontal way will save space and can go higher having the chance to produce more crops. Exploring private terraces for each housing module and public terraces for the users to function as a farming space will allow the community to keep growing for the purpose of working, living, and learning.