295_Marco Nieto: Wav_ES

Marco Nieto

Website: http://marconieto.myportfolio.com/work

University: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

About You: I am currently the president of NOMAS, involved in the professional and philanthropic side of Alpha Rho Chi, am a graphic designer and researcher at Blackline Supply, and a graphic design assistant for Illinois School of Architecture! I have been nominated for the Earl Award three times, an award given to students based on the excellence of their final studio projects. I also participated in Sesquicentennial, a design competition to celebrate the school's 150 year anniversary and won first place with his team.


Project Description: The concept and purpose of Wav_ES is to bring attention and awareness of the importance of conservation, as well as making strides towards preserving and restoring water in natural ecosystems, as well as bustling urban areas. By creating a system for the control and sustainable management of the water cycle, Wav_ES aims to restore the presence of water to the public space, while also restoring both the physical and mental form of it to our everyday lives. The main goal is to design a modern-day solution for handling water that can be applied anywhere in the world that may suffer from either a lack or an abundance of precipitation.

Instagram Username: @m_nieto24