101_Mary A. Alvarez: Architecture of Metanoia

Mary A. Alvarez

Born and raised in Colombia, currently living Tampa, Florida Received M.Arch from University of South Florida, and currently working in the professional field as a graduate architect.

Instagram: @marybluee22

Architecture of Metanoia: A Study of Space and the Transformation of Consciousness

Brief: The current state of our collective consciousness creates in our surrounding the physical manifestation of a world prioritized and driven by economic forces. Our capitalist system encourages a culture of endless consumption, and disregards that our natural environment is the most essential resource for our continuing survival; we are facing an awareness crisis in addition to the environmental one. A shift of consciousness is necessary to evaluate the current priorities of our society towards a closer relationship to the environment.

In Carl Jung’s psychology, metanoia indicates a spontaneous attempt of the psyche to heal itself of unbearable conflict by melting down and then being reborn in a more adaptive form. This process of fundamental change can be used to attempt the shift of consciousness necessary to evaluate the current priorities of our society. Architecture of Metanoia intents to contribute to this shift of consciousness by offering a spontaneous experience that triggers the psyche to dive into a conflictive idea and rise from it. A place that frees itself from man’s assemblages and opens a door to a new dimension of thought will create the experience that will confront our critically damaged set of frames.

The proposed project is a garden of consciousness strategically placed in Manhattan, New York in the Times Square area to confront this monument to capitalism. The juxtaposing nature of the garden offers a transformative journey that allows us to rupture, confront, reflect, and become aware of the disconnection between the environment and society’s capitalism construct.