165_Meeghan Lee

Quietly situated in the centre of downtown Detroit, The Detroit Incubator is a collection of numerous tech startup companies that aspire to grow and innovate within the technological realm of the once flourishing city. The incubator is accessible twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week, romoting a high volume of workflow and communication for the emerging businesses. 
On the site, there are remnants of a column grid of the former Hudson’s Department Store that that was once the exemplar of luxury and leisure. Now disused, the site only accommodates parking and an empty area for that is disregarded.  
The building of the Detroit Incubator seems as though it has no identity and induces curiosity to the questioning spectator as it is surrounded by the regular continuous wall or “facade” of the city. The difference between the existing ‘faces’ of the city and the new ‘faces’ of the lurking objects along the existing column grid are mediated with what seems to be an abstracted version of the city’s faces. The wall thicknesses of the office buildings vary, creating a degree of confusion for the viewer in their attempt to calculate what scale the building may be. The existing column grid and the new building geometry compliment each other through its placement on the site, appearing as if it is “plugged” in. The new building elements look as if they are derived from the site geometry, but they are not. This makes them appear or be either independent objects or a collective ensemble. 
The site is transformed into a platform for the interaction between people and the numerous digital entities that are created to coexist with them.