317_Timothee Mercier and Ian Lee: Bronx Supportive Living & Farming

Timothee Mercier and Ian Lee from New York City — “Just a young designer trying to show his work!

Mercier: I am French by birth but grew up between London and Hong Kong before moving to the US 7 years ago. Currently enrolled at Columbia University's GSAPP - gearing up for my last year. I am also doing a Real Estate Masters degree at the same time. Outside of architecture, which I am possessed by - I love skiing, surfing, and playing basketball with my three sisters. I am also a book and coffee fiend.”

Lee: “I was born in Canada but grew up in Hong Kong. I have a B.Arch from USC and am currently enrolled in Columbia GSAPP’s Master of Architecture and Master of Real Estate Development programs. Outside of school I love going to museums, working out, and cooking”

Website: http://studioxm.net

University: Columbia University GSAPP

Professor(s): Daisy Ames

Instagram Username: @studio_xm @meester.lee

Project Name: Bronx Supportive Living & Farming

Our project seeks to intervene in a food distribution infrastructure that passes through the South Bronx, but largely bypasses the neighborhood and instead benefits other New York City neighborhoods.

The housing project is an attempt to bring farming back to the Bronx residents in its current urban context, assimilating urbanism and agriculture – providing a new, intimate proximity with food. Empowering residents with a self-sustaining nutritional and financial system. A form of supportive housing, a new age of housing.