292_Michael Willhoit: Spelunk'd

Michael Willhoit from Philadelphia, PA, USA: “I am a senior at Temple University's BS Arch program, graduating in May. I work as an intern at an office in Philadelphia that focuses on sustainability in education. This semester we are working to redefine space through exploration of form, and the qualities they create both inside and out. I'm greatly interested in innovation in architecture, and finding novel ways to create and resolve program through emerging technology, material, and community patterns.”

University: Temple University

Professor(s): Andrew Wit

Name of Project: Spelunk'd

Project Description: Within a 50'x50'x50' cube, two playful programs combine and collide to create an arena for leisure. Cave diving was the inspiration for Spelunk'd, with caverns and crevices both inside and out, punctuated by folding forms of relaxation. The space hangs above the ground with irregular vaults, but invites with punctures in its flow. Within, there are spaces for sliding, diving, and climbing, divided and connected by an interstitial space that breaks the chaos of the ridges and valleys.

Instagram Username: @trillhoit