113_Mitran Kiandee: Reinventing Southland

Mitran Kiandee

Master of Architecture Graduate from the University of Melbourne

Reinventing Southland


Using a fictional narrative, this project considers the opportunities of injecting a social presence of fresh food production into existing carpark structures that engulfs Southland Shopping Mall in Melbourne.

"At Westfield, we hold the vision to continually need to adapt and always serve customers first. Westfield is determined to not only deliver world leading retail and luxury brands, but also would like to collaborate with local entrepreneurs to offer fresh, organic, daily produce to the much deserved community of Kingston. With our Southland shopping town, we are interested to give its perimeter a public presence and revisit original 1960s Southland architectural ideas of a shopping mall.

The quality of carparks on the South will be improved with new technology, increasing its efficiency and providing comfort for drivers heading in for their unique shopping experience. This gives room for further development on the North perimeters, where carparks can be converted to recreational areas and accessible day-day shopping market stalls. These areas serve as a transition space between the roads, pedestrian spaces, individual retail and the old shopping mall building."