220_Muhammad Ogunniyi: Sculptural Informatics

Muhammad Ogunniyi

Rehabilitation center exploring art therapy and the transient nature of Quidhampton quarry

Sculptural Informatics (Sculptural information in South Wiltshire)

"The choice of the quarry as site is important as it allows a reconciliation between man and earth. Metaphorical relations can be drawn between war and excavation, both processes have left scars to the mind and habitat. The quarry in this instance allows the ex-military veterans to re-engage with a process that is transformative for themselves and the context. Gestalt Art Experience describes the psychotherapeutic use of art to help ex-military veterans and people involved with the therapeutic process.

Visitors to the site approach the site first from an oblique angle, the sculpural elements on the site gradually reveal other sculptures and scars from excavation within the site. The visitors are encouraged to travel through the beautiful landscape redefined by the sculptural elements until they submit ultimately at the ground floor level of the building. This ground floor represents a climax to the journey and presents the sublime raw untouched quarry to the visitors. Through the applications of theories of the modern picturesque applied by Richard Serra in his open sculpures visitors can enjoy the quarry as sculpture and understand the beauty in the transient nature of its ruination."