197_Nick Rossitch: Pool House

Nick Rossitch

University: North Carolina State University

About Me: I am currently a third year undergraduate student at North Carolina State University pursuing my Bachelor of Architecture. I genuinely believe that good design and craft can have a lasting impact on people's lives. I love being inspired by the creative works of others, and want to leave my mark on the world by doing the same.

Pool House

Project Statement:

The concept for Pool House, a retreat home, comes from the pastime of playing billiards. It is derived from the path a pool ball takes on the billiards table. The idea is to have the interior circulation mimic a similar movement that a pool ball would take within the boundaries of this pure form of a cube as seen on the exterior of the structure. The experience of continuous circulation is interrupted by the four interior spaces [billiards + bar, kitchen, bedroom, and courtyard] in which the user would break away from the structured path, simulating the idea of a pool ball falling into a pocket of the table. The use of cast-in-place concrete built up in lifts of formwork heightens the experience of the user by allowing them to make the connection through materiality that the true cube form of the exterior becomes the boundaries of the irregular interior space.

Instagram Username: @nrossitch