232_Oliver Hill: The Inflatable City

Oliver Hill

Instagram : @och_arch

Course : 4th Year Postgraduate

Canterbury School of Architecture (uca_m.arch)

The University for the Creative Arts ( #Gradshows2017 #wecreate )

Tutor : John Bell

Project: The Inflatable City

The ‘floating city’ of Venice has reached a ‘tipping point’ as sudden environmental shifts begin to disrupt the foundations of the great historical city and UNESCO World Heritage Site. The anthropogenic impact on this fragile environment is threatening the Cities future as it begins to sink back into the marsh that once sheltered its population from danger. The shifting micro-climate within this micro-nation symbolises the effects of climate change on a worldwide scale. The project utilises the romantic setting of Venice to highlight the delicate struggle we must control in order to create a sustainable future. Climate change is often overlooked by those who do not directly suffer from its extreme conditions.

Visited by millions of tourists every year, Venice has the potential to promote sustainable design on the world stage.

The project aims to capture Carbon dioxide, mix it with filtered lagoon water and pump it deep under Venice. The resulting impact of this process should prevent any further subsidence in Venice and create a universal uplift, putting Venice out of risk of further flooding. The project not only saves Venice from sinking but also cleans the air and Lagoon, reducing global warming and creating a clean ecological surrounding environment.

Award : M.Arch 4th Year Prize 2017