219_Peter Hsi: Inner Skyline

 Peter Hsi

I'm a fourth year architecture student at Pratt Institute enrolled in the B.Arch program. I really enjoy architecture that how much it changes everything, from the larger scale of "Bilbao Effect" to a personal scale of mood change and behavior. I like to design with an idea of history; it could be a literal meaning of historical events or an ideology of leaving traces of how the building was done.

Inner Skyline

Gentrification in Brooklyn have transformed the cultural representation by inviting and enriching the thinking of a better life. Carrying on with that new development in Brooklyn, I believe these changes needs to happen in a much smaller scale. Looking around these newly created parks and these inner city parks, there’s a huge discourse between them.

Inner Skyline is to design a replacement for these metal fences that hasn’t yet developed for the purpose of the gentrification. Sunbrella fabric material is essential to designing a fence. It redefines the physical quality and takes on the phenomenological understanding. The fabric fence creates communication between both sides; an interplay of light, shadow and movement. The translucency of the fabric allows for one side to transcend the other forming a visual performance rather than a physical experience.