25_Peter Hsi: History of Syncopation

Peter Hsi

I'm a fourth year architecture student at Pratt Institute enrolled in the B.Arch program. I really enjoy architecture that how much it changes everything, from the larger scale of "Bilbao Effect" to a personal scale of mood change and behavior. I like to design with an idea of history; it could be a literal meaning of historical events or an ideology of leaving traces of how the building was done.

History of Syncopation

The project is a design for Columbia University Boathouse at the edge of Manhattan island, Spuyten Duyvil Creek. The architecture is constantly under the influence of the natural environment, and the development of the buildings of Columbia sports department.

The Nature Development is to take the two forces onsite and create an architecture celebrates the combination of the site and the building. We (my partner and I) decide to use the tectonic of sticks instead of planer walls to further develop the building that changes with the landmass, sunlight, wind flow, and other environmental factors.