82_Phawin Siripong: The Flux in Between

Phawin Siripong

currently 4th Year under graduation architecture student at INDA(International in design and architecture),Chulalongkorn University from Bangkok, Thailand.

Project name:

The Flux in Between

Yarinda Bunnag+Pitupong Chaowakul optional studio fall semester 2016

Project description: The Project is focusing on exploring ideas of solving the contradiction between the studio based study culture to existing faculty building (Faculty of Architecture Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok, Thailand) spatial segregation. Start of with investigating on a dilemma of spatial segregation in the existing building which origin different school programs become isolated from one another, Users (instructor, student and guest) become disengagement and circulation gets disrupt. Then developing  the emerging spatial infiltration space which aim to raise more interaction between tutors and students, the students themselves and the surrounding community by using the idea of bypassing space to promote and engaging in users to create interaction like sharing idea, discuss, cooperation, influence, competition and inspiration inside the space which my self believe that architecture school should be promoted this kind of interaction. The infill space works more like a street, where everyone is allowed easy access between entrances, teaching units and supporting facilities, such as a library, workshops, small lecture theatres and meeting rooms. The street also act as a shortcut path or bypassing path that move or transfer users from one wing of the faculty to the opposite wing of the building.