41_Piechowiak Alexandros: A Village-alike-Office Complex

Piechowiak Alexandros

Hello! I am an architecture student at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. Re-imagining of things and the perpetual quest of re-shaping dreams, situations and daily routine are some of the goals of my architecture syntheses.

My project A village-alike-office complex

Concept The proposal aims to house the new headquarters of the Statoil company in Stavanger, a Norwegian City. The composition must organize the circulation, the collaboration and the cohabitation of 2000 people in a given site of 30.000 m2. In order to create a pleasant and familiar environment for the workers of the company, the main concept is to create a small society. The creation of this small society, architectural, is translated into the formation of a village with introverted characteristics.

And so it happened. An enclosed building sheltered by a huge roof creates in the core of the building a multi-functional and multi-social area which can be compared to the social importance of a square in the grid of a village formation. This area hosts the main circulation of the whole composition and helps organizing the open plan offices. The size of the rest volumes varies according to their functions. Offices, conference rooms, a kindergarten, an amphitheater and a restaurant are added to the whole building program. Last but not least a huge atrium is constructed in the middle of the square for the visual expansion of the totality.