248_Alejandro Quinto and Maria Mas Mengual: Entomomaniac

Alejandro Quinto and Maria Mas Mengual

Country/City: Crevillente, Alicante (Spain)

University: University of Alicante

About You: (Submitted by Alejandro Quinto) || I am Alejandro Quinto, a spanish architect and interior designer. Graduated from the University of Alicante whilst also pursuing studies at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and Politechnika Wroclawska for a four-month period each, taking part in several workshops and competitions.

In 2016 I worked in Solis Betancourt and Sherrill (Washington DC) and in 2017 in OneArchitects in el Albir (Altea). I am currently in Doha for a 6 months period doing an international internship in Luna Design and he keeps looking for the next challenge




Project Description: It is said that entomophaghy will become one of the main gastronomic tendences due to the high optimization of spacial and environmental resources in their management and productive system. 

Our point of view is located in the city of New York, in the neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen to be precise for some reasons which led us to think how could evolve in the future against the new world wide gastronomic tendency.
We choose the city of New York because it’s a showcase to the world and even more the area we are talking about because it has been historically a comercial area, plenty of restaurants, diversity and character.

The project do not want to defend just the fisicity of the building historically and architecturally. It wants to take part on that tendency to contribute values to the neighbourhood and make them be part of the new economic and cultural life. 
Through the activation of the new tendency which we baptaise as gastronomic microactivism it is established a sort of collaborative relations between all the agents who participate.

Restaurants, infraestructures and even housing must be adapted to the new times with the entomomany as an engine of change. The convivence with the new species will obligate the population to the design and use of shared spaces and to established new ecosistemic relations between different beings (animals, vegetables, insects..) 

Thus, the project it’s an imaginaric scenario in 2050 that shows how the urban and domestic life it would be from our point of view

Instagram Username: @alejandro.quinto