218_Chris Reeh and Mason Christensen: Fragmented Data

Chris Reeh and Mason Christensen

Chris Reeh along with Mason Christensen completed a mixed use housing project entitled "Fragmented Data" this last semester at the University of Nebraska - Lincoln.

Chris Reeh is currently interning in Omaha for TACK architects until he starts grad school in the fall. Mason Christensen is currently working for REAL architecture in Denver as he is looking to take some gap years between undergrad and grad school. The summary of the project is as follows: 

Fragmented Data

Fragmented data is a mixed use information literacy center composed of a library, office, retail, and residential program. It is informed by the collection of data from information sources located throughout Lincoln. At the building site, the contours from these information sources overlap and intertwine, representing a method to become information literate, as the more sources of information a person is exposed to, the more likely they are to reach the accurate conclusion. The overlapping of the contours creates outlines of architectural form. These forms are a physical representation of the chaotic means by which we currently receive information, and the way in which we begin to interpret it. Architecturally, the forms are actualized as a steel diagrid shell to the building’s program and then function as a shading device and a privacy barrier to the design’s residential units which are composed of minimal wood siding and floor to ceiling curtain walls. These residential units are open to the exterior and even break through the generated forms, creating unique transitions between double and single enclosure.

The ground plane of the design is also influenced by the contours, as portions of the site are cut creating a plaza centered between each of the site’s buildings. Having the plaza creates a noteworthy experience as the user is able to step down from the heavily landscaped site boundary to an exposed center that allows for extensive views of each building’s distinctive form. 

Below you will find a drive link to the presentation that we used, which includes all of the graphics produced on the project. Additionally, I've attached a jpeg of one of our renders if you need to see a quick view of the project before you dive into the rest. We would be happy to provide anything else that you require, or also to produce smaller file sizes if the current one is too large.