72_Renzo Lopez: Miami Beach Digital Learning Gallery

Renzo Lopez

22 years old, 3rd year M.arch student at Florida international university in Miami FL

Project name:

Miami Beach Digital Learning Gallery

In pre-digital times libraries were considered the only gateway to browse for information, a condition which granted them a high grade of cultural significance and established them as large galleries of printed information which payed homage to books. However today with the rise of mass digital media libraries have transitioned into large unused public buildings which essentially serve as storage facilities which preserve the large existing array of printed information.Therefore, the new Miami Beach Lincoln road Branch Library is a duality between the closed, rigid, and pragmatic nature implicit with storing printed information along with the open ended, ever expanding nature of digital information. This duality transforms the modern library into a relevant and revitalized public building which explores and pays homage to digital information while properly securing the physical integrity and value of printed information while its relevance in modern life continues to decrease.

Instagram user name: @renzmdt