258_ROBOCOOP: Souvenir from la Giudecca

ROBOCOOP is an urban art duo composed by two architects, currently living between Rome and London. Working mainly in the urban context of the city, their aim is to document the architecture comparing it to the past, using different tools – as collages, installations, photographs, engravings, drawings etc -  with a provocative and reflexive approach.

Souvenir from La Giudecca

A site-specific installation set up for the 2nd edition of Unfolding Pavilion, a pop-up exhibition curated by Daniel Tudor Munteanu and Davide Tommaso Ferrando, in conjunction with the opening of the 16th Venice Architecture Biennale and hosted in Gino Valle IACP Social Housing Complex.

Unfolding Pavilion 2018 (!6th Venice Architecture Biennale)
Gino Valle Social Housing Complex at La Giudecca (Calle dei Lavraneri ,30133 Venezia)


In 1971, Haus-Rucker-Co, an Austrian radical architectural collective, designed Palm Tree Island , a sort of oasis world where nature was preserved from the urban infrastructural context. This suggestion, reminding an idyllic space protected from the urban environment, kept form in a space spectacular sphere. The operation of including the urban landscape in a cliché is evidentially inverse for these case: in Haus-Rucker-Co case, it was aiming to conserve nature against urban growth , while in our proposal, the whole scenery will be forced and closed in a sort of cliché box. In fact, nowadays we are witnessing a devaluation of the urban landscape, in particular the Italian one: it is mostly underrated, hardly depicted and mainly forced in different kind of a stereotype, as souvenirs do. Intentionally provocative, “Souvenir from La Giudecca” wants to underline the strict line between the consecration and the preservation of this architecture: from one point of view, the proposal rising up the Gino Valle’s social housing complex as a monumentum to discover and appreciate in our architectural heritage world, from the other one, it wants protecting and preserving his status inside the historic urban fabric of La Giudecca.

Dimensions and materials:

1. Souvenir. 16 (cm) Ø sphere. 
Paper, plexiglass, glue, plastic, sandstone, wood, steel.
2. Handmade collage. 30x40 (cm).
Mixed media.

Credits Images:
01, 02, 03, 04, Collage, Preview Image:  © ROBOCOOP
05. © atelier XYZ