198_Saulo Nicolas Barrera: Carriage House

Saulo Nicolas Barrera

Florida international University, Accelerated Masters Architecture, Design 6

Carriage House

Project 1 Carriage House is an assignment where we must design a space in Savannah Georgia that complements the picture that we chose to influence our design while adding the programs such as bedroom, bathroom, garage, kitchen, seating area, library, table, closet, etc.

My concept behind my design was influenced by the visual elements of coral, it's organic array of patterns determines the built in furniture of my design and manipulates the spaces inside. The stacking elements that the coral portrays is engraved within the project, creating a visual illusion from the outside with glass surrounding the building, while maintaining its organic elements within this glass box. Dimensions of the lot is 24' x 20' x 24' (width, length, and height)