31_Seni Agunpopo: Untitled//001

Seni Agunpopo

Instagram: @seni_arxkm

I graduated from university summer 2016 after an intense three years studying architecture. I regularly post images of my projects on my instagram page which I dedicate to architecture following many interesting student accounts like The Archi/ologist. I love to see other student work and I try to develop my style when I can, my final year was a real eye opener into my interests in architecture, especially in flexible architecture from architects such as Cedric Price, Arata Isozaki and Buckminster Fuller

University; Birmingham City Part 1 graduate of 2016

Project; Untitled//001

The outcome of this project was to create an archive gallery plus a cultural arts centre. the archive galley expands on idea of 'participation' creating a hub for past influences of the city deemed redundant by political leaders and taken away from the community.

The structure follows ideas of Stuart Hall and Kevin Kelly such as sharing, communication, collaboration and cooperation, to give a sense of power to the user, and enable them to express current issues within surrounding communities through art, film and photography. The context, Digbeth Birmingham is what I call the original Birmingham with abandoned factories and graffiti defaced walls on brick facade canvases.

The result therefore is to focus individuals into empowering their freedom of thought and expression and in turn give Digbeth a new representation beyond a derelict industrial town in the shadow of the city. These ideas merge past and present to form an overall cultural hub theme being for the people, run by the people to benefit the people.