335 / Shangeda Nasrin: CELL-u-LINK

Shangeda Nasrin from Bangladesh; “A 22 year old living in Abudhabi, UAE for 21 years. I am a new graduate of architecture, so I'm quite excited to see what life has to offer next. Hoping to start travelling and exploring the different architectures around the world, starting off with my own birth place - Bangladesh. I really enjoy computation in design, always amazed by what Grasshopper in Rhino can do to my designs. Also, exploring with VR has been a very exciting addition to my projects.”

University: Abudhabi University

Professor(s): Dr. Basem Eid M. @code_lab

Instagram Username: @san.jee.da

Name of Project: CELL-u-LINK

Project Description: The project started off by realizing how cities are being overwhelmed by highways that create barriers between the existing communities across the region. Shahama in Abudhabi is a residential community that is dominated by roads making the region very less pedestrian friendly and difficult to access other neighborhoods across the highway. The Cell-u-Link bridge aims to connect and revitalize these communities with addition of new farming facilities (hydroponics) across the bridge since the region is also very well known for farming.

For the concept, the project experiments the 'growing process' of an algorithmic body in an architectural context. One of the most interesting characteristics of algorithms is that they can be totally self-referential, which is an internal quality to produce an autonomous process, relying on its own rules. Therefore, this is done by applying a cellular automation script with initial points as input. Voronoi diagrams are also integrated into the project for structural properties and organisation of spaces.

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