266_Smit Patel: SCET Institute of Design

Smit Patel, India: “I observe design methodology of integration of current design techniques with analogue method of experience as a core platform to mitigate all the design problems. Bringing people in the process is the key valued parameter. Hence whatever part of the building I design, I put myself into the shoe of the users and stand there and provide meaning to the space.”

University: G.C. Patel Institute of Architecture
Professor(s): Ar. Anand, Ar. Bharat

Name of Project: Architectural Pedagogy for Design Education- SCET Institute of design

Project Description: The Brief calls for a comprehensive educational aggregation of design programs of Architecture, Interior Design and Fine Arts that will be centred around the educational zone of Surat, India. The site is located in the Educational district of Sarvajanik educational zone as the linear site spans adjacent to the road abutting a busy road.

The Aim is to reimagine the design college as a collaborative pedagogy further revamping the path of education industry of the design school in Surat. The approach questions the current methodologies that are aged by the technology & techniques, and seeks for a top-down transformation towards a collaborative and cumulative design approach. 

The Conceptual Framework revolves around an open plan concept that aids the collaborative environments in the work areas. The studio spaces are conceptualised as boxes connected to a design street where one passes by and gets inspired with the working environment throughout the circulatory path. the path seamlessly connects all the department studios in a circulatory loop which enables easy access to all the departments in a seamless street like steps. Double heighted voidal volumes within the building will act as plazas connected to the streets where critiques and design talks take place, enhancing the design community and encouraging intellectual growth amongst the students.

Design Details right to the studio work areas will ensure ideal work environments to the students obtaining ample amount of light and ventilation and making the building sustainable by bringing a twist in construction techniques with the local materials to obtain less power consuming environments and animated interior studio spaces, with an open studio from all the accessible four sides.

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