135_Stanley Tan Hanjie: The Lot

Stanley Tan Hanjie

Information about myself: 

I am from Singapore and currently reading my final year of the Masters of Architecture program at the Royal College of Art in London. I did my Architecture undergraduate program at University College London, Bartlett School of Architecture. I have previously worked for several Architectural practices and lived in London, Hong Kong and Singapore.

The Lot: aLotments On the Lea Valley

The Lot: Communal Social Housing Scheme for a Garden Community and Farmers’ Market.

The project studies the theme of urban-suburbanisation, calculated efficiency of a self-sustainable urban infrastructure and the design of a rural retreat. Living units are integrated into a living canopy which is used to grow organic vegetables and also works as a rainwater harvester and irrigation system. A food market is also provided for the public.

This scheme aims to introduce and experiment with this way of communal living, in a village-like typology; where public allotments splay in-between living units on the ground level, communal hanging gardens creep overheads and the very personal private mint/herb gardens are lodged inside individual flats.

It also aims to tackle the problem of London’s current food security, by promoting Locovarian means of eating off the land and its local produce. To spread the word and enjoyment of this particular lifestyle; a provision of a weekend Farmers’ market event space is at the heart of the scheme where the community and public visitors get together and share the harvest and spoils.