81_Sara Ibrahim and Suzan Ibrahim: Hyperbuilding

Sara Ibrahim and Suzan Ibrahim

My name is Sara Ibrahim and my partner and sister is Suzan Ibrahim. Our instagram studio is @susa.studio. I am currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo in Canada and my sister is a graduate from Architectural Association in London. So we are mainly based between Toronto and London.

The project attached is my third year final studio project called Hyperbuilding. It's been getting quite the attention within my school and throughout social media which is exciting.


A Hyperbuilding that embodies a taxonomy of precedent floor plans. This calls for an architecture that is completely inclusive, temporary and permanent, monumental and miniature, historic yet advanced, but most importantly a cultural, economic, and a social experiment of a vertical conglomerate. This tower downtown Toronto, will be a creature that encompasses multiple realities, various sizes of programs derived from all over the world. This is a sampling of variety, however have been rationalized and linked by aligning their existing cores allowing for a commonality.