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280_Moritz Spaeh: Urban Farming

Submission #280 | Moritz Spaeh: Urban Farming — “The newly emerging commercial and industrial district is based on the former industrial area. In order to give the building in the north a representative address, the existing halls were demolished and the market hall was pushed between the existing buildings. From the east, a long, narrow lane leads to the market hall.”

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92_Jonathan Forbes: Dramatic Structure

Jonathan Forbes: Dramatic Structure — "My proposal is conceptualised around the notion of storytelling as a methodology of design practice and reconciliation with the first people. Through the telling’s of the “dreamtime” the first people could craft stories through verbal communication. Therefore how can we craft a story through a physical sense? The SoBE attempts to embrace this ideology to create a physical and meta-physical narrative for the students and staff who occupy it, creating a more personalised and intimate experience."

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44_Bryan Rayo Balandra: School of Expressive Arts in San Martin de Porres

Bryan Rayo Balandra: School of Expressive Arts in San Martin de Porres — The project is based on volumes placed on a stepped platform that gives a virtual edge to the street. The main volume is an academic block that is a fragmented cloister creating spaces of interaction between students.

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