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305_Ciaran Magee: An Ambiguous Heterotopia

Submission #305 | Ciaran Magee: An Ambiguous Heterotopia — “Writers have been described as being either architects or gardeners. That is to say, one who cultivates a story or one who structures it. This thesis investigates the space between this dichotomous metaphor, researching the context of the garden as a spatial and architectural intervention.”

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297_Yu Kono: Deferential Form

Submission #297 | Yu Kono: Deferential Form — “ The giants of the Tech industry have emerged as a significant presence in the Bay area of San Francisco. Many of them are located in the suburban regions of Silicon Valley where they are in the process of building large, symbolic corporate headquarters. The Silicon Valley sites of these headquarters lack the public amenities of traditional cities that are deemed highly desirable to their workforce”

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49_James Frolow: Pontem Morari

James Frolow: Pontem Morari — ‘Pontem Morari’, which translates to ‘Linger Bridge’, is a multi-purpose bridge spanning the port river to physically connecting a tram line from Port Adelaide to Largs Bay. Much like the Birkenhead Bridge, the design opens to allow for passing ships.

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