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327_Matteo Gawlak and Micol Zucchini: u_Tube

Submission #327 | Matteo Gawlak and Micol Zucchini: u_Tube — “Buynet city, 2030. Never before man has been so explicitly recognized as the true protagonist and placed with determination at the center of the purchase, linked only on shopping online. Subject and object at the same time of a philosophical and almost metaphysical research about his place and his role in the buying network.”

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113_Mitran Kiandee: Reinventing Southland

Submission #113 | Mitran Kiandee: Reinventing Southland — Using a fictional narrative, this project considers the opportunities of injecting a social presence of fresh food production into existing carpark structures that engulfs Southland Shopping Mall in Melbourne.

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