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315_Joe Mihanovic: Conical Conglomerate

Submission #315 | Joe Mihanovic: Conical Conglomerate — “A loose collage of geometrically similar yet contextually distinct masses decorate the site, providing a diversity of experience and unexpected moments of socialization.  The volumes are all derived from the aggregation of truncated cones and the Boolean subtraction and subsequent rearrangement of prismatic masses.”

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248_Alejandro Quinto and Maria Mas Mengual: Entomomaniac

Submission #248 | Alejandro Quinto and Maria Mas Mengual — “Our point of view is located in the city of New York, in the neighbourhood of Hell’s Kitchen to be precise for some reasons which led us to think how could evolve in the future against the new world wide gastronomic tendency.”

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104_Luis Fernando Munoz and Julia Eve Pen: Bubbles

Submission #104 | Luis Fernando Munoz and Julia Eve Pen: Bubbles — The dictionary defines diversity as the quality or state of having many different forms, types and ideas, but in reality diversity exists in much more complex forms. There is cultural diversity, diversity of thought, diversity of origin, the list grows, and the way diversity is perceived is equally complex. In the context of Texas A&M University there have been initiatives to put diversity at the forefront of the school’s agenda.

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