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301_Alessandro Luporino: Dizionario Illustrato di Architettura

Submission #301 | Alessandro Luporino: Dizionario Illustrato di Architettura — “The illustrated dictionary of architecture is part of a larger project called Q: set [den [SE] t. Drawings / Thinking / Unintentional taste accumulation about Architecture], which emphasizes the importance of drawing not only as an element of communication, but also[above all] as an ‘instrument of knowledge and understanding reality’.”

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276_Aldrin Estillore: Cable Street

Submission #276 | Aldrin Estillore: Cable Street — “Cable Street is heavily influenced by a multi-cultural and multi-diverse community that it is a microcosm of representing London in an urban scale especially with the subject of food. Using culture as a resource of various countries as a commodity of living. Fundamentally, rice has become a symbol of daily essentially of living across Asia and Europe. My Pulpit will become a monumental celebratory fort that functions as an integral communal gathering space for eating and offering a conversation space for lounging.”

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232_Oliver Hill: The Inflatable City

Submission #232 | Oliver Hill: The Inflatable City — "The project aims to capture Carbon dioxide, mix it with filtered lagoon water and pump it deep under Venice. The resulting impact of this process should prevent any further subsidence in Venice and create a universal uplift, putting Venice out of risk of further flooding."

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