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306_Andreas Stadlmayr: Autonomous Non-Standard Spaces

Submission #306 | Andreas Stadlmayr: Autonomous Non-Standard Spaces — “The project "Autonomous non-standard spaces" respond primarily to the high demand for cultural projects in Prague | Czech Republic and at the same time enormous vacancies on buildings and open spaces right in the city center. Both were caused by neglect during the communist era and the persistent, blocking, political crisis, as well as by the steady, speculative real estate market.”

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299_Daniel Avilan: Occupy Vitkov; The Czech National Brewery

Submission #299 | Daniel Avilan: Occupy Vitkov; The Czech National Brewery — “The National Monument at Vitkov in Prague was once built to celebrate Czech statehood. However, both the Nazis’ and the Soviet Army took possession of the monument in order to propagate their regime. After the war, the monument was once again taken back by the Czech people and used as a museum. The isolated and unused monument remains an unpleasant reminder of the history the Czech people have faced.”

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