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289_Enrico Capanni and Enrico Lamacchia: Archetype of Memory

Submission #289 | Enrico Capanni and Enrico Lamacchia: Archetype of Memory — “Identity image and visual-geographic reference, these are the two values that are attributed to the church of St. Giovanni in Castellare. From this, a project that goes on on a binary route that is simultaneously able to take charge of the symbol that the community attributed to the building that used to be there before and to maintain the connection with the territory.”

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276_Aldrin Estillore: Cable Street

Submission #276 | Aldrin Estillore: Cable Street — “Cable Street is heavily influenced by a multi-cultural and multi-diverse community that it is a microcosm of representing London in an urban scale especially with the subject of food. Using culture as a resource of various countries as a commodity of living. Fundamentally, rice has become a symbol of daily essentially of living across Asia and Europe. My Pulpit will become a monumental celebratory fort that functions as an integral communal gathering space for eating and offering a conversation space for lounging.”

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8_Antonio Buonaurio: Oltre la Coltre di Nebbia

Antonio Buonaurio: Oltre la Coltre di Nebbia — My drawings are aimed at a subject that has always fascinated me and that, in my opinion, is one of the most important elements of architecture: how the project affects, modifies, changes and influences the landscape in which it is located.

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