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300_Matteo Serra, Mirko Santoni, Andrea Ruggieri: Kaira Kora

Submission #300 | Matteo Serra, Mirko Santoni, Andrea Ruggieri: Kaira Kora — “The Griot safeguards the community’s tradition that is conserved through the usage of the words. This poet’s tale is accompanied by an instrument called “Kora”. A sacred place should play a similar role and become the “Instrument of Worship”. The project’s aim lies in the belief that a single holy place can host different religions (muslims, catholics and animists), a single instrument able to emit different notes of a same chord, a peace’s harp: Kaira Kora.”

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252_Rei Celo: Two Worlds

Submission #252 | Rei Celo: Two Worlds — The concept of these two worlds came as a result of a series of charcoal drawings that show the process and rituals of tea preparation. Looking at these drawings there are two states that were always present throughout the process, the condensation and the liquid state. This made me think of two different "worlds" that ended up as two different programs/architectural spaces in my project.

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8_Antonio Buonaurio: Oltre la Coltre di Nebbia

Antonio Buonaurio: Oltre la Coltre di Nebbia — My drawings are aimed at a subject that has always fascinated me and that, in my opinion, is one of the most important elements of architecture: how the project affects, modifies, changes and influences the landscape in which it is located.

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