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330_Tzu-Jung Huang: Sutro Performance

Submission #330 | Tzu-Jung Huang: Sutro Performance — “Sutro Performance continue exploring performative and vernacular ornament through implementing atmospheric devices which elaborates environmental narratives. The performative ornaments regulate environment through the exchange of fluid and showcase the mesmerising behaviour in nature to prototype a sustainable paradigm in San Francisco.”

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100_Zack Caplette: Mobility LAb, Activating LA's Public Realm

Submission #100 | Zack Caplette: Mobility LAb, Activating LA's Public Realm — The City of Los Angeles can no longer expand beyond the amorphic boundaries of its sprawling urban fabric. As a result of this, the post-war suburbanized city is slowly beginning to address its public realm.

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45_Vlad Daraban: Island

Vlad Daraban: Island — The project is situated in Paris, on a very thin artificial island -Ile aux Cygnes-, created in 1827 in order to protect the Port de Grenelle. The idea was to explore a dynamic realm, where nothing is actually installed...

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