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315_Joe Mihanovic: Conical Conglomerate

Submission #315 | Joe Mihanovic: Conical Conglomerate — “A loose collage of geometrically similar yet contextually distinct masses decorate the site, providing a diversity of experience and unexpected moments of socialization.  The volumes are all derived from the aggregation of truncated cones and the Boolean subtraction and subsequent rearrangement of prismatic masses.”

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209_Kevin Garcia: The Isola Apartments

Submission #209 | Kevin Garcia: The Isola Apartments — "The Isola Apartments is a Mixed-Use 104 unit residential project located in Salt Lake City, Utah.  “Isola” is an Italian word that is defined as an island or a set of islands, and can most notably be seen through the concept of having two building masses rising from the streets of Salt Lake City.  The building and site is designed to react to 3 main site considerations.  #1 Providing the area with much needed green and public space.  #2 Reacting to the adjacent UTA (Utah Public Transit System) and providing circulation space.  #3 Directing occupants towards views of downtown Salt Lake City and the Wasatch Mountain Range."

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