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310_Victor Moldoveanu: Protecting Paradise

Submission #310 | Victor Moldoveanu: Protecting Paradise — “Inspired by the 16th century Chinese classical novel "The Monkey King" where heroes fight to protect the heavens, the project demonstrates how peace, equality and freedom prove to be democratic design tools that can protect Paradise, the most extensive rainforest of Central America.”

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309_Victor Moldoveanu: The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom

Submission #309 | Victor Moldoveanu: The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom — “Inspired by Jules Verne’s "In Search of the Castaways" where heroes travel the oceans of the world to find and save the lost crew, The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom occupies 20,000 square kilometres of the Danish Territorial Waters of the Jutland Peninsula. Embracing the foreseeable sea-level rise, The Ministry of Ocean Wisdom is a project showing a model of embracing ocean level rise and consequently taking up life on water.”

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