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148_Drew Heller: Power Wall

Submission #148 | Drew Heller: Power Wall — "Artwork is no longer to be consumed within a ‘monumental’ time frame, open for a universal public; rather, it elapses with factual time, for an audience ‘summoned’ by the artist” - Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics. The monument has been reborn in contingent form. The historical event no longer exists within universal memory, rather memory is recycled, distorted and produced through transient presents. Public, once a solid, is now liquid and relational. Considering collective identity as relational attaches its production to the friction of bodies."

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114_Kyung Kuk Kang: Brasilia Elevated

Submission #114 | Kyung Kuk Kang: Brasilia Elevated — Brasilia: vast-scale, planned capital city inaugurated by the president Kubitschek in 1960, is the city built for automobiles following the modernist city planning principles. Wing-Axis highways that run through the entire city from north to south, Superquadra apartment neighborhood units which serve huge portions of citizens who live distant apart, the city Brasilia was designed to have an efficient circulation around the city with segregation of different sectors.

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81_Sara Ibrahim and Suzan Ibrahim: Hyperbuilding

Sara Ibrahim and Suzan Ibrahim: Hyperbuilding — A Hyperbuilding that embodies a taxonomy of precedent floor plans. This calls for an architecture that is completely inclusive, temporary and permanent, monumental and miniature, historic yet advanced, but most importantly a cultural, economic, and a social experiment of a vertical conglomerate.

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