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325_Dan Whelan: Sanctuary for the Harrowed

Submission #325 | Dan Whelan: Sanctuary for the Harrowed — “Since the beginning of human existence, people have been crafting spaces to house the processes of life and the inevitable event of death. These spaces range from monumental to economical, and display a vast array of cultural indicators, such as status and religion. While extremely diverse across the globe and universally significant, this typology has experienced less evolution through the centuries as its primary purpose of housing the dead has gone unchanged.”

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235_Wendy Chan: Sparkling Raspberry

Submission #235 | Wendy Chan: Sparkling Raspberry — "Modernization is a major challenge in many traditional cities over the world. With increasing population density, there is a need to introduce hyper-dense housing as well as public facilities to the preexisting heritage city. Conflicts associated with cultural, environmental transition and limited spaces commonly arise in the community."

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119_Peter Hsi: swit[CH]ange HOUSE

Submission #119 | swit[CH]ange HOUSE — In this new age we live in, the concept of sharing has transformed in a way that contradicts everything we were taught as a kid. One of the most drastic change comes from the concept of home sharing, the idea was to bring strangers into your house for a temporary stay.

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