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305_Ciaran Magee: An Ambiguous Heterotopia

Submission #305 | Ciaran Magee: An Ambiguous Heterotopia — “Writers have been described as being either architects or gardeners. That is to say, one who cultivates a story or one who structures it. This thesis investigates the space between this dichotomous metaphor, researching the context of the garden as a spatial and architectural intervention.”

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143_Jonathan Garcia Leon: EXPOccs 2025 The Nepal Pavilion

Submission #143 | Jonathan Garcia Leon: EXPOccs 2025 The Nepal Pavilion — Nepal "the country of the stairs" is almost entirely built on the steep slopes of the Himalayas. The staircase then emerges as the most important architectural element to be used. It is then proposed to take advantage of the topography of the site, to resemble the ascending routes made by the nepales daily, because for them "every effort is worthy".

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