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316_Simone Porfiri: Utilitàs

Submission #316 | Simone Porfiri: Utilitàs [The Shapes of the Use] — “This work investigates the vocabulary of forms that are generated as a corollary of the human activity of inhabit and by the practice of use, and that complete with their function the architecture and landscape condition.”

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298_Federico Monti and Francesco Mura: Galaxy Tower

Submission #298 | Federico Monti and Francesco Mura: Galaxy Tower —  In one of the most famous drawings in the world, the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci is symbolically represented as the most sublime of unions, the one between art and science. There are the figures of the square and the circle that refer respectively to the Earth and the universe, placing at the center of this union the pulsating and signifying heart of the work: the man.

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